June 6, 2020

To Whom Much Is Given, Much Can Be Taken Away

posted on: Thursday April 22, 2010

Jenn DiPirro ’12 / Commentary Staff

It is pretty obvious that everyone at Providence College has had a bad taste in their mouth after last Sunday’s unfortunate events. As a school well-respected regionally for its basketball program, our reputation has been put on trial. To whom much is given, much can be taken away, and I think this echoes for both our school and for the two young men at the forefront of this scandal.But I am not going to discuss the taboo race issues and the strings that are supposedly pulled for athletes, because no matter what I say, someone will have a problem with it. Instead, I would like to ask every student out there to take a minute and really reflect on your life. Remember how privileged we are to go to PC. How lucky we are to have met the friends that we have made. How fortunate we are to have money to buy our books and that we are able to go out on the weekends and have a blast. Because whether you are a freshman or a senior, black or white, blue or green, all of this could be taken away from you in an instant with one bad decision.So we can all sit around and point fingers at people for not behaving correctly or responding to the crime well enough, but this is reality and the damage to our school’s prestige has already been done. Obviously I am not condoning the defendants’ misdeeds because they are indeed disgraceful, but at a time of great despair for this institution, we must hold dear to the fact that together each of us represents Providence College.

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