January 21, 2018

You’re Never Too Old To Believe

by Katherine Puzycki ’17


The Christmas season has always been my favorite time of year. Because of this I always make sure that I get the most out of the short and quickly passing weeks by starting my celebrations at the very beginning of November (yes, I am that person).

I can probably thank my mom for that, because she always made sure that the holidays were a special time in our house. She’s also faithfully stuck by her motto, “You’re never too old to believe,” and even after 20 years, I have never once heard her admit Santa isn’t who we’re all told to believe. As I get older, I am all the more grateful for that.

There’s something exciting and innocent about waking up on Christmas morning to presents wrapped beneath the tree signed to you from one Santa Claus and still leaving milk and cookies out on your kitchen table. And say what you might about that, but you wouldn’t understand unless you’ve experienced that as an adult. Christmas has become increasingly about reality though, and less about the magic of Christmas Day.

When we become adults we are less concerned with believing in a man that lives in the North Pole and more concerned with the latest bits of technology or expensive clothes. We might wonder how much money a certain relative might send you, or if someone, finally recognizing your adulthood, might buy you a nice bottle of red wine.

In essence, we lose the meaning of Christmas. And I don’t mean that the person we conjure up as “Santa” just means someone who brings you lots of gifts. In my eyes, it is a figure that represents something enchanting. It is a break away from the harshness of every day life.

Whether you celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday or not is not as important as remembering to celebrate it as a time of love, kindness, peace, and quality time with loved ones. 

These moments are so fleeting. If we don’t take even just one month, maybe six weeks at most, to live as real people in a human society, then what are we doing wrong? Gifts are always nice for some time, but then we start to run short of meaningful memories.

This Christmas, I challenge you, as I am challenging myself again, to embrace the simple magic of the season. However that may be, just remember that you’re never too old to believe.      

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