August 23, 2017

Photo: February 12, 2015


The College’s Student Alumni Association hosts a group painting night which features St. Dominic’s Chapel, to get into the spirit for I <3 PC Week. Kristina Ho ’18/The Cowl


Students gather in McPhail’s for a kick-off meeting intended to garner interest for HeartChase, an event in April, sponsored by Heart to Heart. Jessica Artigliere ’17/The Cowl


Students get in touch with their artistic side with multicolored sand for BOP’s weekly Things for Thursday. Elyse Butterworth ’15/The Cowl


Members of Simply Healthy hand out stress balls shaped as hearts in association with Heart to Heart’s event, HeartChase, increasing students’ knowledge of heart health. Jessica Artigliere ’17/The Cowl


The American Marketing Association sells Valentine’s Day packages in Slavin just in time for the weekend. Morgan Pekera ’15/The Cowl


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