September 29, 2020


posted on: Thursday September 15, 2016

by Matt Farrell ’17

Monarchs with monotonous personalities
Publicly preach pessimism to a tee,
Eyes close while the liars cry
Crocodile tears. My stomach is in knots
As we fight an imaginary war, all while
The imagery is not enough to convince,
So death becomes a discussion.

Hate spits through teeth, lips initiate violence,
Chants for peace met with calls for murder,
Peaceful words herded to slaughterhouses
As strings of sayings wrap around citizens’ necks.

Division dictates oppression when one demands power,
Others demand justice, then ordered silent.

All lives didn’t matter when Emmett lived.
Till death do us part, we need to Garner attention
To inequality brought on by history.
If we follow in the footsteps we can all be Kings.

Bigots become successors,
Give speeches, fueling flames that burn bridges
Keeping us apart.
We forget battles fought, and bodies bloodied
While marching to equality.

Hate has no justice
As Hell hath no fury,
One demon representing a nation of peacemakers.
And while hearts race and a slow pace made.

Strength in numbers
Leads to the voices of millions heard
Instead of being butchered, truth becomes unearthed.


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