October 24, 2020

If We…

posted on: Thursday November 12, 2015

by Jose Martinez ’16

Asst. Portfolio Editor

The waitress set their mochas down on the table and asked them if they were absolutely sure they didn’t want any food.

“Didn’t you say you wanted a waffle or two?” she reminded him.

“Nah, I’m really not that hungry,” he replied.

“Oh, okay then. Yeah, we’re good.”

The waitress went back behind the counter, giving it one last rub with the rag before she disappeared into the kitchen.

“What would you say about drawing a setting like this?” he asked.

“I’d put it at a ‘maybe,’” she replied, “Though characters would be more up my alley.”

“The waitress then?”

“She’s on her feet a lot, I’m guessing,” she chuckled, “I don’t know if she’d feel comfortable sitting down and staying still for longer than an hour.”

“I can’t say much about the sitting,” he smiled, “but there’s a good chance she’s staying still right now.”

“I don’t know about that,” she said, playfully shrugging her arms, “Maybe the back is big enough to walk laps.”

He giggled, “Yeah, maybe,” taking the tiniest sip from his coffee before realizing it hadn’t cooled enough yet.

“Did you get to draw anything new?” he asked.

“I’m…working on something,” she answered, “It’s more human than some of my other stuff, but uh, yeah, I’m kinda liking how it’s turning out so far.”

“That’s good,” he said, barely scratching the back of his neck as if the next question pained him, “Did you…bring it with…you?”

She looked like her laugh was going to hurt, “No dude, sorry.”

“No hey, it’s all good. It was just one of those can’t hurt if I asked kind of things.”

“I mean, I thought about bringing it with me, but really, I can’t think of anything I would be able to add onto it between now and when I get back.”

“That’s fair. I’m actually a bit jealous.”

“Really?” she giggled, “Why?”

“If I don’t bring at least one page of notes, I’ll forget what I want to scribble down for the day, or hour…”

“How is the writing going, now that we’re on that?”

“Well, you know that short story? The one I told you that took me about a month before I could come up for a good setup for the ending?”

“You finished it?” she asked in a giddy tone.

“Well, yeah,” he answered with an equally chipper grin.

“Yay!” she said, motioning for a high-five and turning it into a somewhat prolonged holding of the hands before both broke away and she asked, “When can I read it?”

“I mean, I’m in the process of editing it, but you can read it when we get back.”

“Yes please, and you can stop editing. You know I love doing that,” she stressed.

“Yes yes, I know,” he said, pretending he sounded bothered, even though he liked it when she made him remember such things.

Their coffees finally got to an appropriate temperature, and both took a swig. They set their mugs down on the table and she laughed.

“What?” he asked.

“It…happened again,” she said, holding back the sniggers as she traced her upper lip area. He was about to wipe it off before she interrupted.

“If you ask me, I think it’s a good look for you.”

“Really?” he asked, stroking his chin as he emphasized the coffee mustache on top of his light layer of facial hair.

“Yeah, it suits you,” she said, before taking a napkin to wipe it off, adding, “Man, how long has it been?”

“I wanna say close to a year,” he replied, wiping off the sections she missed, “Nothing we could help though, right?”

“Well, you had to go to school and we both had to save up…” she replied.

“Yeah, that is true,” he said, looking down his mug in thought.

“Oh wait, before I forget…didn’t you say you had a story or dream you wanted to tell me about?” he asked.

“Yeah I did, but…” she replied, looking away in shy laughter.

“What is it?” he grinned.

“I mean, I don’t know, it’s kind of strange,” she started.

“I like strange,” he replied. She gave him a playful glare. “Really, I do,” he insisted, as she made it less playful. “Okay, but I also just really want to hear it.”

“Well, in case it’s too strange, I don’t apologize,” taking a small pause in between to let a slight chuckle pass, “Anyways, here’s how it goes…”

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