November 17, 2017

My Sense of Dignity, My Sense of Pride.

Introducing our newest writer:

Kiley McMahon ’20

Portfolio Staff

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I followed him home that day,

The thunder striking all around me,

Zeus abusing his power over the skies in every which way.

We ventured off towards the cliff of the mountain,

The rivers flowing flawlessly to each end of my peripheral vision.

I sank into the crux of my warmed up seat,

A sense of comfort as the skies cried all around me.

Then I saw her car,

She followed him inside,

While I continued to wait in the crux of my warmed up seat.

A love story that I still struggle to explain,

I thought that he felt the same way.

I could never love again,

He had taken my sense of dignity,

My sense of pride.

Why was I not enough?

How could I ever trust again?

He told me that he loved me,

How could he be so crude?

The first night that we met,

He swept me off of my feet,

We danced to the rhythmic music,

As he moved my body,

So that we slowly began dancing to the tango.

The sense perception of his cold lips embracing mine,

Is still existent,

Even to this day,

Three years after our first encounter.

The things that he bought me,

We were living a life of lavish,

Diamonds all around me,

And everything that I could ever want and need left at my feet.

I began to wonder if I really loved him,

Or if I loved the things that he never failed to buy me.

Every week,

A new business trip,

Is that where he betrayed my seemingly unconditional love for him?

So many questions still unknown,

She is getting into her car,

My phone begins to ring.

The ringtone he set,

His favorite country song,

One I can’t resist,

The swaying motions of the tango still fresh in my mind.

Instead of answering his call,

And listening to his false accusations,

I ignore the country song,

And quickly drive away.

As I am driving,

The tears begin to flow,

But I quickly remove them from my cheek,

Not a thought to ever rethink.

Goodbye to my first love,

The one that bought me diamonds,

And the one that coldly kissed my lips.

I am now stronger than your buyings,

And the fool you have been making out of me.

I now sit straight up in the crux of my warm seat,

And I drive away with my eyes dry,

And my head held high.

He calls me once again,

My next course of action to delete his number.

I can’t stand him now,

I hope she follows him home one day,

Only to figure out his real and true ways.

The day my thoughts of love changed,


A day of corruption,

A day of lost hope for love,

A start to a stronger sense of self.

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