October 24, 2020

Pocket Poems, Series 3

posted on: Thursday November 12, 2015

I float on a wave as the rain falls down
The pale grey calm all around

by Abby Johnston ’17
Portfolio Staff

Paint Him with the brush strokes of thought;
Numerous your tools,
Infinite your palate:
Yet know that the vision is incomplete.

by Abigail S. Henry ’16
Portfolio Staff

You practically disappear
as your thin finger brushes my eyelids.
Waning, blinking, closing eyes of yours
are tured and wine-soaked, unsure like a dream.

by Branan Durbin ’16
Portfolio Editor

Dream Log
Drenched in gardenia and drops of rain, basking in the evening’s warm breath,
I stretched my hands to the sky and pulled it down to me.

by Ariana Pasquantonio ’16
Portfolio Staff

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