October 24, 2020


posted on: Thursday November 5, 2015

by Branan Durbin ’16

Portfolio Editor

Laying on our backs in the grass,
I can see the sunlight streaming through the trees
(which you noticed)
and smoke from a flaming firepit
passes through it, making the rays
more visible.

You tell me you wish
you could be in a better mood,
and I focus on the smoke,
trying to think of an answer.

You seem thoughtful, to the point where
your eyes don’t focus
on anything past themselves,
staring straight out of this yard, town, state,
through the cloudless sky.
I want to take the smoke present in your mind
and throw it back to the fire,
where it belongs. Instead,
I just snuggle a little closer
closing my eyes with my warmed face
and tell you it’ll be alright,
today’s a fine day to be thoughtful;
bits of burnt paper flying through the air
aren’t allowed to be alone.

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