June 7, 2020

Sophie’s Dream of Scipio

posted on: Thursday September 15, 2016

Chennah Sharpe ’17

Portfolio Staff

Rain poured down, splashing onto the roof in waves, as if someone was filling a bucket and dumping it down repeatedly on the room. The sound of rain brought her home, and she knew that in that moment, the sound of rain meant the world was free, few if anyone was out . She was free to run carelessly in the rain. Sophie hurried out to embrace the rain, running out of her hut barefoot across the branches of the elder tree, which held three other houses built beside her  own. Her father had told her she shouldn’t swing down from the vines hanging from the ancient trees, but Sophie loved the thrill, the danger of jumping into the air grasping the vines, flying for a moment in space until her feet landed firmly grounded on the forest floor . Her father had showed her the beauty of the earth, and though the air was dense with rain and fog, Sophie knew each tree, each root on the floor , as she sprinted through the forest. She felt showered with all the glory this world had to offer as she inhaled the smell of soaked moss, enlivened from quenched thirst bursting into its natural vibrant green color. As Sophie ran, the rain pelting against her face, it invigorated  her to press harder, faster, farther. The ground she passed began to blur though as if  Sophie was moving fast  racing against time.




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