January 21, 2018

There Was A Shadow

Photo courtesy of Pexels.com

Photo courtesy of Pexels.com


by Marisa Gonzalez

Portfolio Staff

Hiding from the light of day

In the waters that were shallow

Where none would play.

It waited for a friend

Another shadow

With a hand to lend

Down where the water was shallow.

No one came, though it stayed

The shadow becoming older

But it continued to pray

As the water became colder.

The light went down.

The shadow followed

Not making a sound

As the water bellowed.

Days come and gone.

The shadow grew small.

As it sang a sad song

The water let out a call.

Help, help, it cried.

The shadow grew smaller.

Slowly it died

But the water grew taller.

It rose so high.

The shadow grew weak.

But the water wouldn’t let it die

Proving it was not meek.

Higher and higher it rose.

The shadow now sparks.

The water grows

Taking away the dark.

Light burst through

The shadow started to freeze .

The water does too

And it follows a breeze.

The wind takes it away

The shadow too

To a sunny day

Where light comes through.

Light fills the shadow.

It breaks.

The water no longer shallow

As it fills a lake.

A ray of sun is made

Burning bright.

Where the lake is laid

A shadow becomes light.

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