September 26, 2020

Two writers, one line: “Scene: an empty park, Line: So this is it,”

posted on: Thursday April 10, 2014

by Ariana Pasquantonio ’16
Portfolio Staff

Scene: an empty park,
Line: So this is it,
the final excavation site,
and the results are inconclusive.
The children appear to have been gone
for some time now, but
we can’t quite say why.

Line: What are your findings?

Line: Nothing important.
Artifacts include
the counter of a Skip It
(frozen, just shy of 70 skips),
the messy knots
of a friendship bracelet
(two favorite colors in discord),
a handful of forgotten Jacks by the swings
(strewn like fruitless seeds in the bare soil),
handwritten notes like hieroglyphics:
“here for good—” the rest, unclear.

Line: Dust it off. They’re extinct,
and time’s just another game they could not beat.


by Justin Fernandez ’15
Portfolio Editor

Scene: and empty park,
Line: So this is it,
this is all that’s left
of the place we used to run and hide.
The swings are gone, even the slides,
are broken, buried beneath the ground.
All dust, and dirt, and ash remain
where dreams kissed reality
To form the sweetest memories.

Line: What happened here?
Where has it all gone?

Line: The torch burned too hard
with light too bright to contain.
And in the darkest hour
we held it too close.
Then all we knew was up in flames,
and dust, and dirt, and ash remained.
And all we knew was gone,
and all we knew became nothing.
So hand-in-hand we ran back home,
to wash our toes
and dust our clothes.

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