October 24, 2020

Two Writers Walk into a: Lego Store

posted on: Thursday October 8, 2015

by Chennah Sharpe ’17 and David Martineau ’18

Portfolio Staff

Mark: I see you’re gravitating towards the Star Wars section.  Anything that interests you?

Joseph Farraway Sr.: [pensive and confused expression] When I was a young boy, all we had to choose was the number of LEGO pieces in a set. We created battleships and galaxies from our own imagination. Now there are LEGO characters, instruction manuals, and model Darth Vader pieces. What happened to the good ol’ days?

Mark: Well, there have been a number of changes since then.  Can I help you find anything?

Joseph: My grandson, he’s such a nice boy, he plays baseball. Do you like baseball?

Mark:  Um…yes, I suppose I do.  Are you looking for a baseball-themed set?  Jim might be able to help you, over there…

Joseph:  What? Oh no, his birthday party is next Saturday, it is Star Wars-themed, do they do those much anymore? All my friends and I had them. Little Joe is turning 10. Or did he already turn 10?…

Mark: Well, we have this $29.99 Darth Vader buildable action figure here, that utilizes our new building system. You can even buy a Luke Skywalker figure to pair it with!

Joseph: $29.99…You could buy a whole collection of LEGOS for that much when I was a boy, or a month’s worth of penny candy…But we always had to share our toys and treats. I hope little Joseph shares the LEGOs with Caroline. She is so sweet. She will be 4, when is her birthday? Did I forget it?…well…I should buy something with small enough pieces so they can share? What do you have that doesn’t have these miniscule-sized light-savers?

Mark:  Well…we mostly deal in small pieces here.  I’m not sure what you might prefer…perhaps you might consider purchasing one of our new BIONICLE sets?  They are perfect for 10 year-old boys, and they have very few small pieces.

Joseph: BIONICLE, what is a BIONICLE?

Mark: Well, that’s…um…a little difficult to explain.  Well, you see, the story takes place on this island, and there are these guysI think they’re robotswith powers and masks…but I don’t think your grandson will worry about that. They look cool, after all.

Joseph: Robots with superpowers? What are we teaching to our children? Giving robots superpowers. It used to be superheroes were superheroes, robots were robots, although usually evil…when I was a young lad, we played outside pretending to fly, jumping off climbing structures. My little Joseph likes to play as Star Wars characters, so what about this one? [picks up a buildable Luke Skywalker figure]

Mark: Ah, that is Luke Skywalker…he goes with Darth Vader. I…I think we were just here, weren’t we?

Joseph: Luke Skywalker, was that Joseph’s favorite character? Or was it Darth Vader? He told me…pick this old brain of yours, where is Kathy when you need her? Kathy remembers everything, she can tell you the next Bingo night, which movie is playing and when. She has the greatest memory; she knows the lyrics to all of Frank Sinatra’s songs, every one, pick a song. She knows every word…

Mark:  Oh…well that’s nice…so, uhh, yea or nay on the Luke Skywalker?

Joseph: If I get the Luke Skywalker, then Caroline definitely won’t get to play with her brother. How about, what’s that girl’s name? The character who has those two braids which hide her ears?

Mark: I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of Princess Leia. Hold on just a moment. [rummages through sets on the shelf] Ah!  Here we are! We have this Imperial Shuttle set!  It has minifigures of Princess Leia and Han Solo, so both of your grandchildren can play!

Joseph: Oh but it says nine plus, and little Caroline, she is a very good girl. She won’t be able to play with Joseph.

Mark: Hmmm. Then perhaps the Luke Skywalker would be the best way to go. It’s only $19.99.

Joseph: But why does he look so…no I can’t get that for Joseph…do you not have anything simpler? Without this fancy stuff in it?

Mark: I don’t think so…most of that fancy stuff is in everything we have…

Joseph: Joseph may like that Luke Skywalker model though…But he does like baseball…Do those sets have bigger pieces?

Mark: I believe they might. Would you like to look at those?  You can go see Jim…

Joseph: Yes, Joseph does like baseball. Thank you so much, such a nice boy, you’ve been so helpful. Where is the baseball section?

Mark: [points] Just over there. Have a good day, sir.

[Mark walks away but turns to see old man wander around before returning to Star Wars section to pick up the Luke Skywalker figure]

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