October 24, 2020

Two Writers Walk into: Al Mag

posted on: Thursday December 3, 2015

by Jose Martinez ’16 and Abby Johnston ’17

Asst. Portfolio Editor and Portfolio Staff/
Robert Frost and Charles Dickens

Frost: Which of these two diverging hallways shall we take first?
Dickens: As we walk towards this one here on our left and discover that it is not exactly a hallway but one more deceiving and reminiscent of a dead end, it certainly should not be that one.
Frost: Onward, for we have many miles to go before we sleep.
Dickens: I know this, for you have repeated this many times prior to our entran—
Frost: Many miles to go before we sleep.
Dickens: Confound it man! My my, I say. These students from this urban area of Tex-as exhibit the most curious behavior.
Frost: It reminds me of my dear hometown of San Francisco, California.
Dickens: Why do people bother migrating from London to The New World? You fare no better than a poor street urchin from England.
Frost: You know what they say about anything or anyone that is gold: it cannot stay.
Dickens: Ahh, but if we could only see the gold in each child factory worker’s soul!
Frost: What do you say here about these tiny rooms?
Dickens: Good god! Is this where they keep the apprentices?
Frost: “Cold Room”Ah, must be the school dungeon.
Dickens: We would be wise to turn around. I have walked the streets plenty of times to know what to find within.
Frost: Ahem, Charles, we’ve arrived at one of those “deceptive” hallways you mentioned earlier.
Dickens: Very well then. Let us retrace our steps back to the stairwell. Onwards! Perhaps these floors too will be reminiscent of London’s structure and become more pleasant as we ascend.
Frost: Charles, look! They’ve left this fancy equipment, useless and lying about, behind this glass panel.
Dickens: Oh, if the Queen Mother could see the waste left behind by the industrial age.
Frost: And would you take a gander at what is down this hallway? This door, for instance, has a plastic panel of white attached onto it.
Dickens: And it seems that it can be scribbled upon. But how do you suppose one removes it?
Frost: Like the snow, I believe. With one’s hand.
Dickens: Well then quickly, I would like to leave them a strongly worded message.
Frost: But not too strongly worded—it does not appear that it could hold even Copperfield’s first chapter.
Dickens: “Waste not, want not. If it pleases you sirs, may I please have more of this dreadfully used equipment?” There, that should keep the porridge in the other departments’ mouths.
Frost: Take that, individual with the initials “L.O.L.!”
Dickens: These hallways awfully resemble the ones we found benea— wait, never mind, we could walk along this one. Do you believe this one to be the one closest to the exit?
Frost: Two hallways diverged in a run-down building. Charles, we took the one less maintenanced by, and I do not believe it will make any difference.
Dickens: Good god man, it makes all the difference! It is how we get to His House in the Village!
Frost: Charles, I do believe we will meet the Ghost of Buildings Yet to Come before we depart from this establishment.

And they did not actually die but went missing. They were never heard from ever again. Fin. 

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