November 17, 2019

Clausen Picked in 2nd Round

posted on: Thursday April 29, 2010

Chris Torello ’11 / Sports Staff

Jimmy Clausen’s 2010 NFL draft did not go according to plan. He was supposed to be a first round draft pick. He was supposed to be answering questions from Erin Andrews about his new team while donning their draft hat. He was supposed to be letting go of his days at Notre Dame.It did not happen this way.What did happen was Clausen saw Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow be the only two quarterbacks selected in the first round. From his home in California, Clausen stared at his cell phone screen waiting to see a foreign number appear. The only phone activity was a text of congratulations to Tebow and words of encouragement from fellow draftees.I’m glad he had to wait.Clausen will go down in the Notre Dame record books as one of the best statistically-rated quarterbacks to ever throw a spiral in South Bend. He proved he could play the game. But he could never prove anything beyond that.Clausen slid to the 16th pick in the second round (48th overall) because of his cocky demeanor and inability to lead his team to greatness.Clausen was born on the goal line and thought he had orchestrated an 80-yard drive to win the game. He is a spoiled brat with a golden arm.His leadership skills never showed up when it mattered most. This past season, Clausen went over to shake hands with Boston College football player Rich Gunnell following a win over the Eagles. Gunnell insisted that Clausen talk to his team about having more respect for opposing teams following games.Instead of shaking Gunnell’s hand and acknowledging a player’s thoughts, Clausen shoved him in the chest and walked away. Clausen continued the negativity by turning towards Gunnell and making profane comments. What a great leader.Clausen never warmed up to the idea that he needed to show humility in order to gain respect among his teammates and the student body. He would ignore free drinks to honor a Fighting Irish victory at the local student bar. Instead of embracing the opportunity to have love and support, he rejected the praise and pretended that no one existed but himself.

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