August 15, 2020

PCI: Which PC Sport is the Most Exciting to Watch?

posted on: Thursday October 27, 2016

By Kevin Skirvin ’18 and Gretta Schultz ’17

Ice Hockey!

Men’s ice hockey provides the attendees with an incredible atmosphere that is unmatched at Providence College. Anyone who has attended even one hockey game at Schneider Arena knows that the energy and excitement of being in the student section adds a whole new element to the scene. Yes, it is true that PC has started charging students to attend, but it’s for good reason; the Friars are really, really good. Winning a national championship is a once in a lifetime event that the upperclassmen were lucky enough to experience in 2015. PC hockey continues to be considered one of the top programs in the country, something that should not be taken for granted by its students.

Big hits, highlight-reel goals, and fast-paced action keep the fans on their toes for the entire 60 minutes of play. The game itself is so unique as it is, and the collegiate level provides a threshold for young stars to emerge. PC students are fortunate enough to have a program as good as ours, located right here on campus, allowing for what some may consider “the perfect study break.” The action-filled hour gets your mind off the three essays you have to write later, and lets you escape to the wonderful world of sports. Watching the Friars push into the postseason as legitimate contenders year after year is a joy that not every school has, so for me, the decision is easy. Go Friars!


Nothing compares to the feeling of winning a national championship–the immense school pride that you feel when that last buzzer rings–but this is a once in a while feeling that only comes every so often. Lucky for Providence College students, we can feel this same school pride every time Friars basketball takes on an opponent at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. The Dunk is a larger venue than Schneider Arena and attracts more than just PC supporters and at each game there is an overwhelming feeling of unity amongst students, and supporters alike. You do not have to necessarily be a basketball fan to benefit from the buzz of the Dunk on game day.

During my time at PC, I have had the opportunity to attend dozens of sporting events including soccer, rugby, hockey, field hockey, and basketball games. I’ve found that the support that comes from the student body for all sports is impressive, but the support for basketball is not only impressive but also immense. Last year, I can recall that for many games there were lines out the door for students and non-students alike to get tickets to games at the Dunk. This year, PC has sold a record number of season tickets, proving that students support the team even during a “rebuilding year” after the loss of Kris Dunn ’16 and Ben Bentil ’18. Here at PC we take time to celebrate basketball with an entire night-long pep rally aimed at getting the students hyped for the upcoming season. There are also game watches for PC alumni all over the country. No other sport on campus has the same overwhelming following as basketball. There is no doubt about it, Friars Basketball is the most fun to watch, whether in McPhails or at the Dunk.


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