Club Spotlight: Running Club

by The Cowl Editor on January 19, 2017


Photo Courtesy of Anthony Stalter ‘17

by Patrick Healey ’17

News Staff

For runners or aspiring runners of the Providence College community, who are either looking to test their skills in competition or merely looking for a group of peers to enjoy jogging through the streets of Providence, the PC Running Club may be a perfect fit.

The club boasts an extremely welcoming environment, where anyone with a passion for running is encouraged to join, regardless of skill level.  Race coordinator and co-founder of the competitive division of the club, Anthony Stalter ’17, said that the PC Running Club “provides an opportunity to run with others regardless of skill level and it allows members to compete against other club teams throughout the country.”

He noted that students should not be intimidated to join the Running Club and that members value the enjoyment and comradery that can be fostered through running just as much as the competition it can bring.

There are PC Running Club members that run casually and others who participate in races with other schools, making it a diverse club that can meet the desires of any runner.  There are opportunities to work out as a group and run almost every day of the week in an organized fashion.

For those looking to get involved with the club, members can be found at the indoor track around 5 p.m. each day, where students are welcomed to show up, or the club’s contact information can be found on the PC club sports page online. The PC Running Club’s next competitive event is an indoor track meet next month.

Overall, if you are a runner of any style or skill level, or perhaps desire to begin a journey to become one, you would be remiss to graduate PC without checking out the PC Running Club.