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Why You Should Care About Mt. Pleasant High School

Why should you care about a little old high school in a little old place like Rhode Island? Well, because Mt. Pleasant High School, in its own little way, is an important part of a big debate, a debate that may determine nothing less than the future of public education. Why? Because Mt. Pleasant, like […]

David Salzillo Jr. '24

The Dark Side of Family Vloggers

Just for a second, imagine if your parents gained their success and wealth by recording the daily life of your family to share with the internet. Whether it’s sharing your morning routine for school, eating dinner with your family, celebrating significant life events, or socializing with your family, there will usually be a camera ready […]

Chelsea Adonteng '25

All Genders Should Watch Barbie: Reflections On Our Barbies, Ourselves

The Barbie movie could have easily become another failed attempt to bring an old idea into the modern audience. Initial skeptics were concerned about the stereotypical associations Barbie has with women being defined by an unachievable beauty standard, while others thought the movie was too woke. In the end, Barbie was  a movie that was […]

Christina Charie '25

Biles’s Triumphant Return: The Biggest Takeaway for Students

In another generation, athletes and students might have been reluctant to admit their struggles with the pressures they face, and it was even more unlikely for people to recognize their vulnerabilities and adjust themselves accordingly. Way back when, people were silent about their struggles, giving off the impression to others that the wars waged within […]

Chelsea Adonteng '25

The Last Statesman: Romney Retires From the Senate– Reasonable Man in an Unreasonable Era

This week, after months of speculation in the political world, Utah Senator Mitt Romney did what so few politicians seem to be doing these days: he announced he’d be retiring at the end of his term in 2025, citing the need for a new generation of leaders. In his retirement video, the seventy-six-year-old Romney stayed […]

Connor Flynn '25

Flooded With Ignorance: Being Aware of the Larger Community

Over the course of the past week, parts of Providence and Rhode Island suffered from severe rainfall, which led to flash flood warnings being issued for those in the Providence metropolitan area. The rain caused parts of Branch Avenue to completely flood as businesses, homes, and roads were damaged. The flooding began with rain on […]

Courtney Wight '26

Elon Musk and the Future of Humanity

Jennifer Szalai’s review of Walter Isaacson’s new book Elon Musk indirectly raises an interesting question: if human civilization destroyed itself, would people like Elon Musk be the ones most responsible for its destruction?   Yes, I understand the question may at first seem a little unfair– after all, what has Musk done to deserve the blame […]

David Salzillo Jr. '24