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The Latest Scoop at News Cafe

Concert at Pawtucket Bar Features Many PC Students Last Thursday, there was a small concert held at one of Rhode Island’s most distinctive venues, News Cafe. Located a few highway exits away from The Met, this bar is a beloved spot for local bands and has featured acts from all over the world. However, despite […]

Jack Downey '23

It’s Not Exhausting Always Rooting for Taylor

A Review of Taylor Swift’s New Album, Midnights After two years of re-recording her music, Taylor Swift has finally returned with original songs for her 10th studio album, Midnights. In a historic release, Midnights has already smashed streaming records and has become this year’s best-selling album. Swift has proven once again that she is on top […]

Olivia Riportella '25

Providence College Students Tune In

WDOM’s Events Continue to Get Better On Oct. 28, Providence College’s radio station, WDOM, held its annual “Tune In With WDOM” event. Six student performers and bands performed for their peers in the crisp autumn air. While there was consternation about attendance due to the event falling on the first day of Halloweekend, Tune In […]

Jack Downey '23

Rock and Roll Returns

A Retrospective of The Latest Student Concert at The Met Last academic year, there were three concerts featuring Providence College students at The Met in Pawtucket, RI. With each show featuring student bands, the turnouts were always in the hundreds, and the crowds loved every second of it. The student who orchestrated much of what […]

Jack Downey '23

A Coming Crescendo for the MTP Program

Big Things in the Works for the Music Technology and Production Degree Last year, Providence College officially began offering a new degree: music technology and production. Dealing mainly with aspects of recording and mixing music, as well as songwriting, orchestration, and transcription, the program was paramount in launching the music department into the future as […]

Jack Downey '23

Chaos and Creation in the Backyard

Local Musicians Take Initiative to Support the Arts There is no shortage of venues in Rhode Island. From legendary sites such as AS220, Alchemy, and News Cafe, to newer places such as Pub on Park, the chances of music being heard in Providence and beyond is high. However, there is also no shortage of bands […]

Jack Downey '23

Look What You Made Me “Clue”

Taylor Swift and her Obsession with Easter Eggs August has officially slipped away, leaving Swifties to anxiously await Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album, Midnights. Fans have been scouring Swift’s social media and her media appearances, hoping that she drops one of her infamous Easter eggs. If you have been a fan of Swift over the […]

Liz Keating '24