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Dissenting Women Ridiculed

Jennifer Lawrence and congresswoman Liz Cheney have more in common than one might assume upon first examination. Both have become the victims of “comedic” posts appearing on Donald Trump Jr.’s Instagram page. As the self-proclaimed “Meme Wars General,” Trump utilizes his social media to attack opponents using memes instead of promoting his own political opinions.  […]

Christina Charie '25

Will Smith’s Legacy Following Oscar’s Slap

Will Smith’s Legacy Following the Oscar’s Slap Ashley Seldon ’24 Most people did not know the Oscars were happening until Will Smith was trending on Twitter for smacking Chris Rock onstage at the awards event. Rock, one of the co-hosts for the Oscars, made a joke on stage during his set calling Jada Pinkett Smith […]


Stop Glorifying Kanye West

Stop Glorifying Kanye West because he’s Kanye West Ashley Seldon ’24 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s very public divorce has been the subject of news for months despite more pressing matters facing the world. While at first their divorce seemed to be a peaceful separation where the couple would be able to co-parent, social media […]


Euphoria: A Plea for Help in the United States’ School System

By Olivia Bretzman ’22 Content Warning: This piece contains discussion of drug use and addiction.  HBO recently released season two of Euphoria, the hit show about teenage lives filled with real-life emotional, mental health, LGBTQ+, drug, and family struggles. The show follows Rue, played by Zendaya, during her battle with drugs and rehabilitation.  It describes […]

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The Influencer Wears Prada

The Influencer Wears Prada How Social Media Stars Devalue the Prominence of the Met Gala by Ashley Seldon ’24 The Met Gala has always stood out from the long array of red-carpet events held each year because of its unique themes. It is the biggest night in fashion where A-list celebrities grace New York City […]

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Who is the Academy?

Who is the Academy? Questioning the Voting Procedures of the Emmys by Christina Charie ’25 After watching the Emmys on Sunday night, viewers were angry about the results, as they found many of the shows selected were quite out of touch for a 2021 awards show. From a simple glance at the Academy’s executive board […]

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Mirages of Perfection: Meghan Markle Proves We Never Know What Occurs Behind Closed Doors

Mirages of Perfection: Meghan Markle Proves We Never Know What Occurs Behind Closed Doors by Olivia Bretzman ’22 Opinion Staff Ever since Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the world has been questioning the morality of one of the longest-standing, traditional families in Western culture.  Not only was this unveiling of truth […]