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On Oct. 28, students from the Class of 2023 were sent an email about an incident that occurred in an off campus group chat. We were informed that the incident involved hateful messages directed at the LGBTQ+ community. While it stated that the college “unequivocally condemn[s]” this type of language and that all “Friars deserve […]

Samantha Dietel '23

Letter to the Editor in Response to “The Pursuit of the … Half Truth?”

Anyone who paid the least bit of attention during the first semester of DWC knows that the Greeks put high value on being a good host as well as a good guest. Paris’s massive failure in the latter regard gave us the long and bloody Trojan War. While reading through the most recent issue of […]


PC for Life Isn’t What You Think: Opening Space for the Abortion Conversation

PC for Life Isn’t What You Think: Opening Space for the Abortion Conversation Avery Schaub ‘25 2022-2023 PC for Life President   Abortion is an incredibly difficult topic to talk about. It’s emotionally, ethically, and philosophically complicated, and PC for Life strives to open up dialogue so students with different ideas can actually engage in […]


Letter to the Editor: Self-Censorship on Campus?

Do you sometimes feel reluctant to voice your ideas—either in class or among your peers? Maybe you suspect that your professor will only accept certain viewpoints, and that speaking your mind could negatively affect your grade. Maybe you worry that people will shun you for not expressing the “right” opinions. Most everyone agrees that listening […]


Letter to the Editor: A Message from PC Democrats

by PC Democrats Executive Board 2020-2021 The Providence College Democrats took on the task this semester of hosting a week’s worth of events leading up to election week. Planning for these events began over the summer of 2020 and lasted up until the very last minutes leading up to each event.  Clubs and departments on campus […]

The Cowl Editor

Letter to the Editor: A Message from Rev’d Dr. David Lewis Stokes

by Rev’d Dr. David Lewis Stokes Assistant Professor of Theology Dear Editors,   I would like to expand a bit upon my words quoted (quite correctly!) by Savannah Plaisted’s well-reasoned op-ed, “A Call to Action” (Oct. 30). When I spoke of the inbred and rancid clericalism that contributes to the dry rot in the Catholic […]

The Cowl Editor

Letter to the Editor: In Response to the Sept. 10 Safety Advisory

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administration,  The faculty and staff in the departments, programs, and offices listed below write this letter in support of students, faculty, staff, and members of the local community who were offended and hurt by the Safety Advisory sent to the entire campus on Thursday, September 10.  The Safety Advisory contained […]

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