Samantha Dietel '23

Opinion Staff

For the Love of Juice

There once was a girl from Prov Whose heart was the color mauve She’s been beaten and bruised Cause she’s never been choosed But finds joy in the juice of the guav(a)

Samantha Dietel '23

Starting the Spring Semester with Self-love

The spring semester has officially begun, and we have all returned to Friartown ready to dive back into work. Or have we? Hopefully, you spent your break recovering from the fall semester, but regardless, you may be struggling with the return to campus. Research studies indicate that taking vacations can help reduce stress and have […]

Samantha Dietel '23

Writer vs. Writer: Is Santa Claus Coming to Town?

Let Them Believe by Sam Dietel ’23 The magic of Christmas is once again upon us. It’s time to decorate your tree, hang the stockings, and blare “Jingle Bells.” Many of us have memories—fond ones, hopefully—of a jolly fat guy in a red suit breaking into our homes, eating our cookies, and leaving gifts under […]

Meghan Mitchell '23

Incessant Cycle: Mass Shootings Continue in America

It’s happening again and no one should be surprised. Mass shootings are nothing new, and the more we hear about them, the more desensitized we become. Late at night on Saturday, Nov. 19, another deadly shooting took place at an LGBTQ+ bar called Club Q in Colorado Springs, CO. The shooter murdered five people and […]

Samantha Dietel '23

Letter to the Editor

On Oct. 28, students from the Class of 2023 were sent an email about an incident that occurred in an off campus group chat. We were informed that the incident involved hateful messages directed at the LGBTQ+ community. While it stated that the college “unequivocally condemn[s]” this type of language and that all “Friars deserve […]

Samantha Dietel '23