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The Elephant in the Room: Americans Have Spoken

The 2022 Midterm Election “Red Wave” is now a symbol of false hope for the Republican Party and former president Trump. Politicians on the right confidently proclaimed that November 8, 2022 would prove that Americans are frustrated with Democratic leadership. Inflationary pressures and attacks on gun rights could not save them from doom. Even though […]

Christina Charie '25

What Are We Even Voting For? The Importance of Participating in Local Politics

by Sarah McLaughlin ’23 Last week, many of us (hopefully most of us) voted in the midterm elections. I don’t think I’m the only one who found myself staring at my absentee ballot in my left hand while I frantically typed names of candidates and elected positions into Ballotpedia’s search bar with my right. As […]

Sarah McLaughlin '23

An Open Letter to President Biden

Dear President Biden, Congratulations. As I am writing this, your party has managed to hold the Senate, and still—as of Nov. 14—has a fighting chance of holding the House. Your instincts have proven correct: above and beyond political disagreements and the public’s view of your presidency, the majority of voters expressed their desire to prevent […]

David Salzillo Jr. '24

Debates and Laughs Required: Hardball and SNL Have a Place in the Current Political Climate

The term “fake news” is frequently used within the context of contemporary American politics. With heightened polarization, news programming often has an underlying bias running through an entire network’s shows. Political candidates often publicly denounce stories that portray them in a negative light. As a result, the public blindly follows charismatic figureheads instead of developing […]

Christina Charie '25

Abortion: More than a Woman’s Issue

Content warning: This article includes discussion of sexual assault and abortion. This past summer, Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court case that legalized abortion, was overturned. States can now choose if abortion should be legal. States that do allow abortion can also heavily restrict access to the procedure. This is seen by many as […]

Meghan Mitchell '23

Immigration and Collective Amnesia: A Reflection on Last Week’s Lecture by Dr. Jessica Barbato Jackson

The early history of immigration to the United States is not the story of the melting pot, but the vortex. In our American history courses, we often hear about the endless cycling of this vortex. It starts with a group of immigrants that come to America for the promise of freedom, independence, and a better […]

David Salzillo Jr. '24

The Question that Trumps All: A Grand Return to Twitter?

In the wake of Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, America is left wondering if former President Trump will be allowed to return to the platform. Musk has alluded to this action throughout his negotiations with Twitter, which has Trump anxiously awaiting his grand return to the social media network. Now that the Tesla founder officially owns […]

Christina Charie '25