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Tiff and Earl

Dear Tiff and Earl, My boyfriend won’t take me on a Valentine’s Day date because it’s too close to Super Bowl Sunday. Should I ditch him for Joe Burrow? Sincerely, Big Bengals Fan Dear Big Bengals Fan, Don’t give up on your man just yet! With a little creativity, you can have your cake and […]


How to write about love, when you yourself are not in love:

Kathryn Libertini ’23 Download Tinder and Hinge for inspiration. Scroll through the apps with your roommates, creating narratives and citing opinions that will most likely never materialize (but, hey, there’s a chance). Delete Tinder and Hinge. Tell your roommates Valentine’s Day is a “Hallmark Holiday” incentivized by capitalism. Watch How to Lose a Guy in […]


The Underground

Kate Ward ’23   By the time of his lunch break, Edmund was exhausted from an early morning preparing a case to defend his client. It wasn’t looking good, and frankly, Edmund had little faith that his client would get out of this unscathed. He walked outside to the loud street and waited under a […]



Biggest Red Flags Asked me out to the PC basketball game Is a business major Has a pet monkey Doesn’t read The Cowl Is in their red hair phase (no offense, Sarah) Goes to URI Is Nate Jacobs (from Euphoria) Posts regularly on Yik Yak Gets hazelnut or pecan flavored coffee Has a favorite song […]


How to Write a Love Poem

AJ Worsley ’22    Light a candle, admit your flaws, set the tone.  Don’t let the process turn your heart to stone.    Find warmth in lost love, but always try to keep it in your sight.  The best love poems are written after the love has gone to light.    Compare your lover to […]


Ugly Puppy Love 

Taylor Maguire ’24 They don’t tell you when you’re a kid that love is depressing. When you’re five, you start watching movies that project the happily-ever-after trope, and as you continue on through middle school, your curiosity grows on the concept. Then high school rolls around, and you listen to music that praises the pretty […]


This October Beach

by Marelle Hipolito ’22 Tuck my hair behind my ear, just one more time Before we leave this October beach behind Let’s look for one more shooting star Before you go and break my heart Take a hundred pictures of me in front of a blue sky Before you drop another goodbye Tell me you […]

Elizabeth McGinn