Best Acts of Kindness for the Holiday Season Hold the door for a fellow Friar Donate old toys, books, or clothes Bake cookies for your friends  Pick up litter  Go to your professors’ office hours Buy coffee for the person behind you in line  Do the dishes for your roommates  Give your professor a holiday […]

The Cowl Editor

Tiff and Earl

Dear Tiff and Earl, I want to give Ed Cooley a holiday present. What should I give him? Sincerely, Ed Cooley’s #1 Fan Hey Ed Superfan! I heard that a coach’s favorite present is the win he gets off the court. Show coach Cooley some holiday spirit and consider showing your Friar giving spirit by […]

The Cowl Editor

A Green Sweater

I pull my knit sweater over my head,  The soft green fabric kissing my skin, Simultaneously tugging at my curls, Peering over my shoulders curiously as I debate: jeans or leggings? My sweater embraces me,  Gently reminding me of rainy days, Days Dad and I would sit indoors,  Eyes eagerly scanning a puzzle as we […]

Taylor Rogers '24

Rockefeller in Winter

The glow brightens the scarlet on my nose and the burning in my chest. It’s impossible to hide in the radiance, Hands reaching for hands, ungloved. My want sticks out like a sore thumb, Shining and blazing in the city crowds. Even when the biting cold of December stings my cheeks, I can feel the […]

Caitlin Bartley '24

Times Square 

“Death to the sky!” Cried ants being beaten out by human heels. Each morning the crows wake me  With cackling cries. I think At least fifty flock to my room. Spirals without direction, Drawn in the earth, Drawn from the ant’s mind, Aimless spirals, because what the hell Were we ever following? Ants and crows […]

Max Gilman '25

Yellow Jacket 

I saw you on my walk today. I was listening to some Christmas song and wishing that the drizzle was snow. You were huddled in a crescent moon on a concrete step; your antennae wilted like the flowers you flew past in favor of stinging my arm. Normally when I see you like this it […]

Kate Ward '23

Thank You Notes!

  Mom and Dad, thank you for believing in me and supporting my love for writing. I love you both so much! Megan B. I’m thankful for one of our lovely UG2 workers in Davis, Vita. Thank you for everything you do, your work and your kindness do not go unnoticed.  Kate W. To Gil […]

The Cowl Editor