The Unthinkable

I hate the way the sun goes down in the evening. I love to talk with strangers. I hate to say I could be happier. I love dancing beneath pine trees. I hate how I can’t climb ten feet up any tree trunk. I love appreciating stillness. I hate spiders and centipedes. I love to […]

Max Gilman '25


The Goddess of Love donned a velvet crimson dress softer than rose petals. She strolled along the city’s cobblestone walkway as the water sent an autumn chill to brush against her skin. Lifting her gaze to the sky, the moon looked back at her, revealing only a sliver of its full, plump figure. She rolled […]

Meg Brodeur '24

Autumn Gold

The sun in the noon-day sky is a giant beaming dandelion severed from its stem, Freely floating over the earth. A disembodied puff of flower head Liberated from earthly laws, Immortalized above the clouds despite the passing of its sister buds in the onslaught of November frost. Upon a barren hill, My fingers reach as […]

Sarah Klema '23

5 Microaggressions (My Last Poem For You)

ONE “Maria” You are so lazy. My name is one more syllable at the end a sound I know you know well––“uh” Use your tongue, don’t you dare cheat. TWO “Where are you really from?” Where do you think? I want you to say it loud, tell me who you think I am tell me […]

Mariela Flores '23


Best Study Tips For Finals  Go to your professors’ office hours  Don’t procrastinate  Drink water Meet up with friends from your class Leave your phone off while studying Get lots of sleep! EAT (Nutrition is key!) Go to the library and steal someone’s area in the quiet corner  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself […]

The Cowl Editor

Tiff and Earl

Yo Tiff and Earl, I forgot to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for my family and friends. What should I do? Sincerely,  Last-Minute Shopper Hey Last-Minute Shopper,  If you walk down the street to the Dollar Tree, you can find some great last-minute gifts at a reasonable price! You can get as many […]

The Cowl Editor


Most of the statues in Riz’s Museum were everyday folk. Artwork unknown to the world, with titles substituted for numbers on the description plaques, but I knew them all, and so did my father. Ruth the Beggar on her knees looking up with imploring eyes. The emaciated children in tattered vestments. Marcus the Musician who […]

Sara Junkins '23

Moonlit Painting

Through a curtainless bay window, the moonlight cascaded into our flat and illuminated your face with an ethereal shimmer. You asked me to paint you a picture of my future. So, with a grin teasing my lips, I told you to pose for a portrait. Rolling your eyes in feigned exasperation, you sat back on […]

Meg Brodeur '24

Born To Be Middle-Aged

I have forgiven but not forgotten the senior who, a few weeks ago, asked me what grade I was in, in a tone clearly indicating her conviction that I must be at least two grades below her. With prayers, I smothered my immediate impulse to make a face like a sleep paralysis hag and bellow, […]

Fiona Clarke '23

For Growing up in Rain

For grinded-teeth car rides; For growing up.  For being beaten into pavement; To prove a point.  For oily cat piss stains beneath the bed; For abandonment.  For coins and green paper; To live in a shadow.  For low-tide seas; For a shiny shell that breaks in a year.    Litter lent my nose the scent […]

Max Gilman '25