Fighting The College Cold

by Jezel Tracey '24 on September 29, 2022
Opinion Staff


Whether one is sitting in a Civ lecture, studying in the library, or using the bathroom, there is a consistent sound that floods the room. Is it the sound of people talking? Sometimes. But nine times out of 10, that sound is a cough. Whether it be an unwelcome break during the silence or a cacophony of students coughing, the college cold permeates through the air.  

Every year, as the weather transforms from outside darty temperatures  to indoor narty conditions, almost every PC student and staff member gets overtaken by a cold. A couple years ago, everyone assumed that it was an outbreak of COVID-19. Now that most students are vaccinated, it seems that there is something else traveling in the air.  

The college cold, or as Sophia Gaines ’24 puts it, “the CC,” seems to be an annual event at PC. However, this is not any ordinary common cold. For some it lasts a few days, for most it lasts weeks…or at least that is what should happen. Oftentimes, what appears to be someone fighting the college cold sounds more like someone fighting demons. 

Unfortunately, you cannot run from this cold, and you certainly cannot hide from it. Whether it be a prayer, an extra 30 seconds of washing your hands, or increasing your intake of multivitamins, it is strongly advised that you do all that can be done to protect yourself from this college cold.