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On Halloween Night

“Hey Juno,” he says, walking up to me along a mahogany staircase. Avery has little dimples and dark brown eyes with shaggy brown hair that just revealed a little scar that lingered along his forehead. He was a senior, the year above me. He wore his fraternity’s vintage letterman jacket from the 90s, jeans, and […]

Taylor Maguire '24

Excerpt from the Diary of an Autumn Oak Tree

I have sunk into a patch of highly manicured terrain and am leisurely suffocating from the anthropogenic air. Dwelling around me is a plethora of frosty elements, embellishing my dull brittle bark with glimmering crystals. My rough skin serves as a protective barrier against the penetration of snow, sleet, and ice. However, my natural body […]

Meg Brodeur '24


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The Cowl Editor

I Can’t Stop Thinking About Gorillas

I’ve never been afraid of the Mafia, but when my parents were informed that the house that they were on the verge of buying was a Mafia safe house, I was thrilled. Even after someone explained to me that it was a safe house for the Mafia, not a safe house from the Mafia, I […]

Fiona Clarke '23

The Forest Trail

I wish I’d never set foot outside that day. I wish I’d stayed home. Ever since that day, I’ve felt a strange emptiness, like a part of me is missing. It was a gentle fall afternoon and I wasn’t trying to do anything, like usual. Well, anything except moving as little as possible. I was […]

Connor Rohan '24

The Season of the Witch

Dark sweaters, messy hair, Something odd is in the air. Flushed cheeks, wide grins, Goosebumps traveling up skin. Boiling potions, brews of caffeine, The steam leaves little to be seen. Frantic pacing, long nights, Someone has turned out the lights. Wild winds, scratchy threads, Nails painted in the deepest red, Sweet lips, pumpkin pie, They […]

Caitlin Bartley '24

Nightmare on Elm Street

He lurks in the streets,  Avoiding the illuminating glare of street lamps.  Passing each house, you can feel his presence in your heartbeat.  You fight the urge to sleep,  Dozing in and out. You’ve tried everything to stay awake But as your eyelids close, darkness creeps upon your pupils.  Not summoned by the lack of […]

Anna Pomeroy '23