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Yearly Tradition

My favorite time of the year is coming up. Finally, a chance for me to express myself and be who I want to be! The world is so beautiful around this time as well! The leaves change from green to red and orange, like the trees captured sunset in their leaves. People bundle up and […]

Connor Rohan '24

I Hold onto Autumn

by Kathryn Libertini ’23   I hold onto autumn Onto its amber tones Onto its crisp winds   I do not hold onto myself Shaped by winter spring and summer Shaped by fruitful circumstance   So I hold onto autumn Forever the initiator of change Forever the instance of moving forward  

The Cowl Editor

It Slowly Slipped Away 

by Grace O’Connor ’22   She looked in the mirror and took a deep breath Today was the day her life would change She looked down at her newly polished nails as her heart drummed in her chest Time was going by painfully slowly yet too fast   She stood up slowly and walked down […]

The Cowl Editor

Tiff and Earl

Dear Tiff and Earl, It’s me again. My COVID-19 lover and I don’t know what to wear for Halloween—we want a good couple’s costume idea. Thoughts? Sincerely, Caught Feelings (and COVID) Dear Heartswab, Darling, I am positively bursting with couples costume ideas.   Two halves of a Kit Kat. Dean Sears and his lollipop. Beef and […]

The Cowl Editor


by Toni Rendon ’24 1946   “AGH, WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?” Helen’s howls bounced off the walls of Packard Manor, causing Howard, the head of staff, to rush to the master bedroom in concern. What happened next could only be described as unearthly. Helen, the mistress of the house, was laying on her back in bed […]

The Cowl Editor

No Snow in October 

  Photo courtesy of by Kate Ward ’23   It was another October; she had lost track of how many Octobers had come and gone. Her friends and her lovers came and went with it. Victoria was tired. Not just tired—exhausted, drained, defeated. She had been experimenting for years on how to turn her […]

The Cowl Editor

Two Sentence Horror Stories

  I dipped my spoon into the Jell-O in front of me and lifted it to my mouth. I had never seen white Jell-O with little red spider veins before, and it was unexpectedly chewy. Kate Ward ’23 Laughter can be such a pleasant noise. That is, unless you live alone and hear it all […]

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Worst Candy to Get in Your Trick-or-Treat Basket Milk Duds Candy corn with the chocolate on the bottom Granola bars Apples Green Kit Kats Black licorice  Toothpaste  100 Grand bars  Laffy Taffy  Dots  Anything grape flavored (tastes like cough medicine)  Bit-O-Honey  Circus peanuts  PayDays  Lemonheads  Hard grandma candies Scorpion candy  Tootsie Rolls (especially the fruit-flavored […]

The Cowl Editor

The Fork Ran Away, But the Spoon Came Back for Revenge

by Sarah McLaughlin ’23   It all started with one simple question: Should you eat mac and cheese with a fork or with a spoon? “A spoon, obviously,” Genevieve says. “It provides the utility for maximum scoopage.” Britney rolls her eyes. “A fork can scoop, too, idiot. And you can stab the noodles. It gives […]

The Cowl Editor

The Boy With Star Eyes

by Max Gilman ’25   What came first, The rope, Or the knot, The knife, Or the cut, The murder, Or the disdain? Nonetheless, One leads to the other, In an endless cycle of circling disparity. Before all these, though, Came the child, With a free mind, To fill with ideas.   There he was, […]

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