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ECOPC Kicks Off Earth Week with Eaton Street Clean-up and Clean Plate Challenge

In the week leading up to their annual Earth Day celebration on Saturday, April 22, ECOPC hosted a variety of different events, including their Eaton Street Clean-up and Clean Plate Challenge. For the clean-up, the club recruited eight volunteers to pick up litter on the yards, driveways, and sidewalks along Eaton Street. Supplies such as […]

Kaelin Ferland ’23 and Sarah McLaughlin ’23

Practicing Communication and Trust On Campus

A key part of what makes a community is building a bond of trust and communication. In general, the Providence College student body would agree that these things are important for fostering a healthy “Friar Family.” Many students have expressed concerns regarding the communication we receive regarding incidents that occur on campus. When students hear […]

Sarah McLaughlin '23

Why Celebrate Women’s History Month at PC?

March marks Women’s History Month, which can trace its roots back to Women’s History Week, first celebrated in 1978, and the original International Women’s Day, which was first celebrated in 1908 when thousands of New York City women garment workers went on strike due to poor working conditions and low wages. Women’s History Month was […]

Sarah McLaughlin '23

How Campus Clubs and Organizations Still Feel the Effects of COVID-19

Every member of the Class of 2023 remembers what they were doing on March 6, 2020. I remember saying goodbye to my friends and roommates before my back-to-back class and Civ seminar, in which we ironically discussed how next week’s topic would be the bubonic plague. We left campus excited for break but with an […]

Sarah McLaughlin '23

“What’s the Best Age to Be?”

Don’t Grow Up Too Fast When I was five years old, I filled out a journal that asked the writer questions about herself, her likes and dislikes, and her dreams for the future. One of the questions was, “What age do you want to be most?” I remember writing down 22. My mom asked me […]

Sarah McLaughlin '23

Making Worldwide Waves on YouTube

Jet Lag: The Game What if The Amazing Race met board games and the geography-nerd side of YouTube? The result would probably be Jet Lag: The Game, the new online series created by Sam Denby, Adam Chase, and Ben Doyle. Denby is known for creating and voicing the educational channel Wendover Productions, which has amassed […]

Sarah McLaughlin '23

ECOPC Measures Food Waste in Ray

Last Monday, you may have noticed something different at the Ray dish return. On Nov. 21, ECOPC hosted their annual Clean Plate Challenge. For two hours during lunchtime, volunteers from the club set up a table at the dish return area in Raymond Dining Hall and asked students to discard the leftover food from their […]

Sarah McLaughlin '23