Sarah McLaughlin '23


Between Sentences

and those black stitches searing the head.  And; because I didn’t say the first thing on my mind.  Is it  better to die averse,  than live as proof to another?  Another, because One is predecessor  to Nothing.  Alone, a metal table under burning light,  tall menial men draping scrubs  with silver rods picking the brain—  […]

Max Gilman '25

Listomania: Things I Forgot At Home After Break

Toothbrush Winter coat Shoes Phone and laptop charger iPad with all my notes on it  Pillow House keys and ID  Motivation My handwriting  Social cues

The Cowl Editor


One year ago today I was 3,306 miles away from home. I initially chose to go abroad to London because I wanted to travel the world and explore a Culture I wasn’t too familiar with. I left home with no knowledge of what the next four months were going to be. I remember the car […]

Anna Pomeroy '23

Are Robots Taking Over?

What AI Means for the Future of Writing What if we never had to write another essay in our lives? What if someone—or something—could do it for us?  Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) has become  capable of exactly that and much more. This summer, the OpenAI research group released Playground, which is free to use for […]

Sarah McLaughlin '23

New Year, New Records

2022 Ranks Fifth Hottest Year Ever Recorded The past nine years have been the hottest on record, and 2022 has proved to be no exception to this trend. According to NASA, 2022 was the fifth hottest year on record, tying with 2015 at 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit above average. NASA adds that 2022 was two degrees […]

Kaelin Ferland '23

Pope Benedict XVI: “Santo Subito”?

The late Christopher Hitchens once counted Pope Benedict XVI among “the three contemporary figures he most despised, along with Henry Kissinger and Osama Bin Laden” (Francis X. Rocca, Wall Street Journal, “Pope Benedict’s Passing Means Conservative Catholics Lose Their Leading Light”). Here, I will have to disagree with Hitchens. I do not believe that the […]

David Salzillo Jr. '24

In Defense of Harry and Meghan

After a Netflix documentary and a scathing memoir, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have certainly made their feelings about the British monarchy public knowledge. While some might find their quarrels repetitive and annoying, that does not mean the couple is lying about their experience. One only needs to read the headlines to realize how […]

Christina Charie '25