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“Spooky Season Inbound”

To ghost or be ghosted? Perhaps we have all been in this situation. Regardless, the temperatures are beginning to drop, so read to find out easy ways to avoid the awkward moments of this upcoming cuffing season. Don’t text him. Like actually, don’t. Schedule a girls’ night with your roommates! Treat yourself to getting coffee […]

Kathryn Libertini '23

Parties in the Age of Crypto (Screenplay)

by Kathryn Libertini ’23   INT. AT A PARTY ME Hey what’s up! You okay? FINANCE MAJOR Yeah kinda. Ever since the market closed on Friday and Dogecoin went down I’ve just felt awful about myself. ME It’s just a stock, I’m sure it will go back up! FINANCE MAJOR Do you even know what […]

The Cowl Editor

Statements of Fact and Trying Not to Look Stupid

Fiona Clarke ’23   Welcome back to “Stupid Things People Say.” This week, our topic is “Living in the State of the Obvious (And Why You Should Immigrate).”  A few years ago, I was minding my own business at soccer practice, surrounded by a gaggle of chirping teenage girls, waiting in line for my turn […]


Listomania: Artists We Should’ve Had For Spring Concert

Artists We Should’ve Had For Spring Concert Pitbull  The Rock  Will Smith (ft. Chris Rock)  Machine Gun Kelly  Frank Sinatra (hologram version) Macklemore  Doja Cat  Kanye West (featuring Skeet) Travis Scott  Dr. Taylor Swift  Shawn Mendes (post breakup tour?) Rihanna (post hiatus tour?)  Ed Sheeran  My Chemical Romance  Big Time Rush (without Dixie D’Amelio) (sans […]

The Cowl Editor

I Forgot to Write my Cowl Article for this Week

Aidan Lerner ’22   I forgot to write my Cowl article for this week. Today is Sunday, and I am a little panicked. I pride myself on my ability to be responsible and to come through for the people who rely on me, whether it be in work or school. That is why I am […]



Kathryn Libertini ’23 I hear “So let me tell you guys why I chose Providence College” as I turn the corner in Slavin. My heart is pounding, not from the stairs, no, but from the pressure. Tonight’s game against Creighton decides if we win the Big East Championship. Coach Cooley met with me to discuss […]


Tiff and Earl

Dear Tiff and Earl,  I slipped and fell on the ice in front of an entire civ class coming out of Ruane this morning. No one even helped me up (what happened to “Friars Hold Doors”?). How do I recover from this embarrassment? Sincerely, Professional Ice Skater Dear Professional Ice Skater, The best way out […]