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Haunted by Unsustainability – Halloween is Scary for the Planet

Halloween is a fun holiday where people can express themselves by dressing up and having a fun evening getting free candy. What’s not to love? The horrible impact the holiday has on the environment. Every Halloween, new costumes, candy, and pumpkins are purchased in exorbitant amounts in preparation for the holiday. Most of these things […]

Courtney Wight '26

Dressing the Part: How Costumes Enforce Gendered Norms

Each year, the capitalist machine releases the same set of generic costumes for men and women, along with some geared toward the year’s pop culture trends. With a quick scroll through popular websites, it becomes easy to see that there is a stark difference between men’s and women’s costumes. Ultimately, the consumerist nature of the […]

Christina Charie '25

AI Can Never Replace Writers: The Importance of the Writer’s Strike

After 148 days, the Writer’s Guild of America finally ended its strike. After briefly scrolling through social media, I realized that many people haven’t grasped the importance of this win for Hollywood writers. With the end of the writer’s strike, so many people are celebrating the new contract that writers have made with production companies, […]

Chelsea Adonteng '25

Moving Past Sides: Israel-Palestine is Far Beyond Dichotomy

With the nations of the world rallying around Israel or Palestine in light of the recent Hamas invasion of Israeli territory, there is an innate human desire to simplify the conflict into a simple dichotomy of good versus evil. Unfortunately, domestic governments and the media continue to perpetuate this narrative, even though the recent outbreak […]

Christina Charie '25

He’s a Fun-gi

There is hope for the future generation in 10-year-old Silas Claypool, who is passionate about the environment and our planet. Claypool, a Rhode Islander, made local news headlines for finding a species of mushroom new to the state. The mushroom, named Boletus billeae, or Billie’s bolete, had been previously discovered in nearby states like New […]

Courtney Wight '26

Your Opinion is Not Your Own

My screen time report indicates that I spend an average of five hours a day on my phone. That is a rather lengthy period dedicated to consuming media—a time which ultimately promotes disassociation and relinquishes the need for any form of cognitive processes. Excessive scrolling is unproductive and addictive as well as crippling to individuality […]

Carlie Burns ’27

A Weekend Away

With Indigenous People’s Day not far behind us, numerous Providence College students took advantage of the long weekend. Students used their time off from school to travel home and see their family and friends. However, because everyone was planning a trip home this weekend, there was heavier traffic than usual. Some people were stuck in […]

Janet Newman ’27

Newspaper Tangents #1- Sept. 29

In Rhode Island, we have an almost perfect record of saving animals from kill shelters and any other types of unwarranted death. Among the states in the U.S., Rhode Island has one of the best animal welfare policies, ranking fifth. We should take pride in these efforts to protect animals and their rights, which they […]

Rachel Barter ’27

Are celebrities obligated to share their lives with the world? NO

As a child, I grew up admiring celebrities. The paparazzi, the clout, the fans… it seemed like the perfect ego boost that anyone would desire. The idea of hundreds of thousands of people knowing your name and everything about you, admiring you and praising you, seemed like the unattainable dream every kid wanted. Thinking about […]

Anna Fahkri '24

Finland: Why is it Known as the Happiest Country?

For the past six years, Finland has scored the highest out of all the countries in the world on the World Happiness Scale. The midsize country located in Scandinavia has the most content population in the world, even with some of its northernmost areas experiencing 52 days straight of darkness in the winter. So, how […]

Gracie Young ’27