PC Receives Generous Gift From Alumnus

by The Cowl Editor on February 3, 2017


Photo courtesy of providence.edu

By  Tait Becker ’19

News Staff

The School of Continuing Education (SCE) at Providence College is growing larger and larger every day. With continuing support from alumni and donors, the program has expanded immensely within the past couple years. Recently a PC alumnus, gifted the SCE with $50,000.

Colonel Noel J. Doyle ’58 accredits much of his success to his time here at PC. A former ROTC member himself, Doyle served his country in the Army for 30 years, including two tours in Vietnam.

In response to this generous gift, the SCE created  the “Support Scholarships for Military Veterans” fund. Named by GI Jobs magazine as a “Military Friendly” school and a participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program, this type of assistance to those who serve falls in line with many of the values that the PC community seeks to embody.

While many returning veterans seek to further their education, they are sometimes confronted with a lack of funding, or employment, which would enable them to otherwise enroll in programs like those offered here in the SCE.

This type of scholarship will greatly aid in helping to close the gap between the benefits that  the Veteran’s Association gives to those seeking to further their education and the cost of enrollment to these classes.

This scholarship will be available to those who have been honorably discharged from the military. This scholarship will also seek to give special emphasis to those who have served in Afghanistan, Iraq, or any other Middle East combat zone.

Dr. Janet L. Castleman, dean of the PC SCE, described the wonderful actions of Colonel Doyle as such, “SCE is overwhelmed by the generosity of Colonel and Mrs. Doyle and their support of our student veterans.”

The gift from Doyle and his wife reminds the PC community of the vast network of alumni who have attended this institution and graciously given back to the school through various types of donation.

PC has a long history of working to integrate this community into the school. As the home of the Patriot Battalion of the Army ROTC, PC has worked incredibly hard to foster a sense of thankfulness among its community for the young men and women who choose to serve this country, while attending undergraduate classes.

Through scholarships like this newly established one, the College will be able to embrace not only the undergraduate community but also those who choose to continue their education after they have served. As a Dominican institution, PC has always worked to give back to those who are in need of help. This grant is exciting for many members of this community who are looking forward to giving back to those who have sacrificed so greatly for the sake of safety and security.

The scholarships that are a result of this generous grant will be given out beginning with the enrollment of the 2017 summer classes.