Club Spotlight: Her Campus

by The Cowl Editor on March 23, 2017


Photo courtesy of

Tait Becker ’19

News Staff

Among one of the last Big East schools to launch a chapter, Providence College has recently decided to bring back Her Campus. Originally started in 2014 by Ashley Santiago ’17, along with other students, Her Campus is a new online platform for students to share their experiences at PC beyond the campus borders.

This club has given students the opportunity to write for Forbes Magazine, the self-described “number one media site for college women.” Participants in the club aim to share their PC experiences and profiles of other students, professors, and faculty in an effort to share why PC is special to so many people.

Her Campus gives students the ability to write about a variety of topics, with great emphasis placed on students writing about what is intriguing and special to them about their time here at the College. Topics range from fashion trends to personal experiences on and off campus.

While the club is still working towards becoming an approved club on campus, they are actively seeking those who are interested in getting involved in this type of writing experience. Members hope that, by writing about the PC environment, lifestyle, and academics, future Friars will be able to get a sense of what it feels like to be a part of the Friar Family.

Looking ahead, Santiago said, “I feel really excited to be a part of Her Campus. Even though we just started, I’m really looking forward to see what this can become and how much fun we can have with it.”

Any interested students can find out more information by contacting Santiago via email at