Tiff and Earl 4/6/17

by The Cowl Editor on April 6, 2017


Photo courtesy of savvysassymoms.com

Dear Tiff and Earl,

Who is Rae Sremmurd?


I thought I was hip enough to know, but turns out I am not and am now the laughing stock of my friend group and not just my immediate friend group, but the sort of satellite groups as well.


Easy. That’s Ray Romano’s stage name. You’re in for a great show. Next question.



I don’t really know. It’s so hard to keep up with you kids and your fancy Ear Drummers. It feels as if there’s a new Ear Drummer ever week, it’s exhausting. Back in my day we had lasting, impactful artists. Ke$ha, for instance, who spelt her name with a dollar sign instead of an “s” to critique the pervasiveness of cutthroat capitalism and coroporate greed running rampant in the music industry. Remember “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter? That ballad defined the struggles of a generation standing in line just to hit a new low. And who could forget club banger “Cyclone” by Baby Bash? “She moves her body like a cyclone and she makes me want to do it all night long.” You just don’t see that kind of lyrical ingenuity with today’s hot Ear Drummers.