You’ll Be Eaton!

by The Cowl Editor on September 14, 2017

Arts & Entertainment

Two girls enjoying Allie's Donuts outside Eaton Street Cafe.
Nicholas Crenshaw ’20/The Cowl

by Elizabeth Jancsy ’18

A&E Staff

If you are from the Rhode Island area, odds are you are familiar with one very popular donut shop. Located in North Kingstown, Allie’s Donuts has become a staple in the Ocean State, bringing in travelers near and far for their iconic classics, from eye catching rainbow sprinkles to donut cakes.

Established in 1968, this family owned bakery put up shop along a busy stretch of Route 2, not knowing just how far this dream would take them.

This fall, our very own Eaton Street Café broke the news that Providence College will now officially carry Rhode Island’s favorite donuts right here on campus. Gone are the days of waiting in line for the yummiest treat in the state, now you just have to walk across campus.

An array of Allie's Donuts.
Photo courtesy of Providence Business News

Ryan McSweeney ’18 was very pleased with the donutdebut onto campus, saying, “Who knew some sprinkles on a doughy circle would make my mornings exponentially better. I want to find this ‘Allie’ woman and shake her hand for making this delightful creation and having the generosity to share them with [not only] the world, but most importantly with Friartown.”

Along with many other students, Anna Haywood ’19 is a fan, explaining, “I was not to sure about Allie’s Donuts, but after seeing them and trying one at BOP’s Provapalooza event on Friday afternoon, an Allie’s donut from Ryan will for sure become a part of my regular morning routine.”

The donut flavors change throughout the week, with options ranging from sprinkles to chocolate or strawberry to vanilla glazed. Make sure to get there early because once they are gone—they are gone! Not to worry though, you will just simply have to come back the next day, as The Eaton Street Café serves them Tuesday through Friday every week! You donut want to miss out on this sweet new PC treat!