Tiffany and Earl

by The Cowl Editor on September 21, 2017


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Dear Tiff and Earl,

Should I take the GREs? If so, how do I prepare for them?


Forever an Undergrad


Dear Forever an Undergrad,

I’ve been so swamped with homework and life and friends and the missing Cowls that I haven’t even had time to breathe, so my future is something I just haven’t had a chance to think about.

Therefore, why would I waste my time worrying about your future? If youve taken the time to ask whether or not you should take the GREs, then take them.

I would have offered advice about anything—what to wear on a Thursday night at Whiskeys, what I think about the moldy grilled cheeses in Ray, how much toilet paper we should use to TP the torch. Why would you waste my precious time with a question that is just… boring?

Good luck with the test you were obviously going to take even if I said not to,




Hmmm…GREs…I definitely cant recommend Giant Rotten Eggplants. However, I’m always hip to a Gangster Rubbery Encyclopedia. Whatever you do, never, NEVER, forget to Glamorize Rapscallion Echidnas.


-Garish Relatable Earl