Something to Taco ‘Bout: Tallulah’s Taqueria

by The Cowl Editor on September 28, 2017

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Chef Jake Rojas and chef de cuisine Ben Cantone stand outside Talluah's Taqueria in Providence.
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by Ryan Cox ’18

A&E Staff

Oftentimes, the best food in Rhode Island is off the beaten path, away from the touristy, popular spots like Thayer Street or Providence Place. Such is the case with Tallulah’s Taqueria, a small, red-brick building in the Fox Point neighborhood of Providence. The 15-minute ride from Providence College is absolutely worth the outstanding Tex-Mex food they serve.

Tex-Mex is a dime-a-dozen today, but it is Tallulah’s commitment to authenticity that makes it unique and unbelievably satisfying. One such meal was a burrito bowl with pork al pastor, a meat that is marinated in spices and pineapple before being diced and grilled. The pork is a little spicy, but packs a lot of flavor that mixes well with the rice, guacamole (which comes standard with the bowl), lettuce, and queso fresco. It is also served with pickled radishes, which are vinegary and cut the heat from the al pastor well.

An order of their scrumptious chicken tacos is sure to satisfy any hungry customer. They are traditional street-style tacos served with two small corn tortillas, guacamole, and lime (pickled radishes were also served on the side). They are simple, but packed full of flavor and  absolutely delicious.

There is a beverage case full of water and sodas at the counter, but I tried the basil agua fresca, which tasted mostly like lemonade. The little bit of flavor from the basil mixed in made it extremely refreshing and contrasted well with the burrito bowl. The tortilla chips are freshly made and served with either guacamole or salsa verde.

A beef taco with Tallulah’s famous toppings.
Photo courtesy of The Boston Globe

While options such as Chipotle, Baja’s, or Cilantro are cheaper, you pay for the made-from-scratch, local quality that Chef Jake Rojas serves consistently at Tallulah’s. The wait time for the meal was short at about 15 minutes and the staff is very friendly.

Tallulah’s Taqueria is located at 146 Ives St., Providence. For their menu, check out their website [] For more information check out Tallulah’s all over social media.