Falling in Love With Insomnia Cookies

by The Cowl Editor on October 5, 2017

Arts & Entertainment

The new spiced pumpkin nut cookies from Insomnia Cookies.
Photo courtesy of Insomnia Cookies.

by Joe’s Clancy ’18

A&E Staff

It is that time of year again, the days are slightly less warm, the nights much cooler and un-air-conditioned rooms both on and off campus are farther from Dante’s Inferno in temperature. It is finally fall, which means long weeknights, exciting football and baseball games, the stress of nailing your Halloween costume, and, of course, pumpkin spice courtesy of Insomnia Cookies.

Insomnia Cookies are perhaps the quintessential dorm room cookie. Founded in 2003 at the University of Pennsylvania by the Mark Zuckerberg of cookies, Seth Berkowitz, the chain delivers late night cookies to universities in the Providence area, although they do not deliver to Providence College. Located on Thayer Street, it is a short drive away from campus and provides students with a fun opportunity to explore off campus.

Offering delicious flavors including traditional chocolate chunk, sugar, peanut butter chip and, one of their best flavors, double chocolate mint chip. This fall, however, Insomnia is offering the new spiced pumpkin nut cookie. The cookie is not just the simple pumpkin spice fall treat.

Although it does offer that warm sweet flavor that is reminiscent of the changing weather and foliage, the cookie offers a nice nutty taste that complements the pumpkin tremendously. It is soft and filling for when the weather gets crisper. Go check out the new spiced pumpkin nut cookie today!