Listomania: Things Our Professors Say

by The Cowl Editor on October 5, 2017


We have to talk about the hot poker up the butt.

Legit. Wait, do kids still say that?

It did NOT involve penetration!

Stop being high and contribute to the conversation.

Yes, these people are naked.

I’m sorry, I didnt mean to slap you.

So you would eat somebody?

Youd better be texting, not doing anything else down there…

My goal is to help you all have happy marriages.

Unintelligible Ranting About Keyboards.

Have you met my dog? He knows German.

Stop turning up at noon! I can hear you across the street!

Heres a sculpture of a Woman holding Womans Best Friend*.

Youre not being devious enough…

I can tell this is a group that drinks.

You guys are being too diligent, stop taking notes.

Will your company last 27 billion years? Not unless you go galactic.


*A wine jug