Georgia Band Hits Downtown Providence

by The Cowl Editor on November 2, 2017

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The band Georgia Flood performing on stage
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by Abigail Czerniecki ’19

A&E Co-Editor

This past Friday, The Georgia Flood, a homegrown all-male band from Atlanta, Georgia, took the stage at the Alchemy in downtown Providence. The band finished their tour in Providence, and it was surely a successful ending.

Band members Lane Kelly (bass and background vocals), Gavin Deleshaw (guitar), Damian Navarro (drums), and Brooks Mason (guitar and lead vocals) grew up together and attended the same high school.  Now, the four friends are fulfilling their musical dreams.

The Georgia Flood brought a lively sound to the crowd of people that attended their concert at the Alchemy, opening with “Sleepless Nights” followed by other songs such as “The Race,” “Hold On” (cover of Alabama Shakes), and their newest single “Take a Hit.” 

Their fresh-sounding music had all the concertgoers on their feet dancing to the hard beat of the drum and the bass guitar.

Brothers Kelly and Mason originally started the band in 2012 as a metal band; it was not until 2016 that the four of them came together to produce music. In fact, the band had only practiced together a few times before their first show as a group.

The self-financed group created a GoFundMe page in order to get an agent and record deal. Later that year, The Georgia Flood received a record deal from Jason Hoard’s Black Cat Studio, producing their first album, People Like Ourselves, in 2016 featuring with hit singles like “Whistle King” and “Better Not Together.”  Kelly describes the first album to be, “On the surface…nonsensical and fun, but the songs are really describing how crazy our lifestyle is on the road.”

“Whistle King,” the number one hit on the album, exemplifies lyrically much of the exhiliration and frustration that comes with the “constant state of discovery” of playing in an indie band.

Defining themselves as indie/pop/rock, the band identifies their sound with Kings of Leon and Young the Giant. Mason even calls himself “The most hipster country performer you’ll ever see.”

One thing that truly separates the band from other alternative bands is their ability to write all their songs collaboratively. Their style is unique in that when they are writing their songs, “It’s really more of a jam sesh,” explained drummer Navarro.

The band is planning to release their next album, potentially named,Polaroids and Panic Attacks, in early 2018, featuring “Take a Hit” and between five and eight other songs.

The Georgia Flood’s next concert will be on a music festival cruise ship called the Rock Boat Music Festival, starting in New Orleans, Louisiana, and ending in Cozumel, Mexico, from Jan. 30 though Feb. 4.