The Earth Without Art is Just Eh…: Muse Paintbar is the Go-To Weekend Spot

by The Cowl Editor on November 2, 2017

Arts & Entertainment

Easels and paint products set up at Muse Painter
Photo courtesy of urban

by Elizabeth Jancsy ’18

A&E Staff

One can never be bored in the city of Providence, from its thriving restaurants, to theatre, to unique shops and stores there is always something to do in this special place. Muse Paintbar is one way to up the fun on any  Friday or Saturday night.

The name says it all and yes, the Muse Paintbar is in fact a bar. Located on North Main Street in downtown Providence, the paint bar is a time to kick back, relax, enjoy a drink (or two), and put your painting skills to the test.

Founded in 2012, Muse Paintbar is a company that has opened its doors in 26 different locations with the intention of bringing the love of art and fun socialization to crowds around the nation. Locations range from Providence to Virginia, with each location promising a unique experience unlike a usual art class or bar scene.

The class starts with the instructor introducing the painting that will be taught that specific night at the paint bar. The painting is simple enough that anyone could do a decent rendition, but also hard enough to be entertaining to paint.

The instructor then goes step by step with the attendees on which colors to add and what shapes to draw with the right brush. All brushes and paints are supplied by the paint bar as well.

It is not a conventional art class in which attendees  sit around talking about the importance of the color orange; in fact, it was anything but. Music blasted from the speakers around the studio, people mingled with each other and got drinks at the bar.

The instructor would take breaks throughout the night so it was easy to forget that you were actually attending an art class. The instructor also reminded everyone that the painting did not have to come out like the model, meaning if you wanted to paint something entirely different you could.

Being able to drink, eat, talk to friends, and create a painting surely  made for an adult craft night. The aesthetic of the studio was very conductive to a bar vibe but also having fun with art.

Paintings line the walls and easels greet you from the door up to the bar. It may seem intimidating entering a studio without any art experience, but the employees make painting easy.

This past weekend one class painted a simple landscape piece with a and a few trees. The design was simple, but applying all the layers of color was the focus, clarified the instructor.

The class lasts approximately one hour, with a small break in the middle of the class. Just enough time to get out of the house and enjoy an evening out on the town.

After the class, paint bar goers are able to take the painting back home, a gift that not every bar in Providence can give out. If you are looking to tap into your creative mind, then Muse Painbar is the place for you.