Why the Philadelphia Eagles Will Win Super Bowl LII

by The Cowl Editor on November 9, 2017


By Eileen Flynn ’20 

Sports Staff

Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles
Photo Courtesy of Eric Hartline


     So far this year, many NFL teams have surprised their fans with unfamiliar performances. The Patriots are no longer in control of the AFC East and the Falcons are sliding down below the Panthers in the NFC South.

   However, one team that is not only on its way to winning their division, but in full stride to win Super Bowl LII is the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have acquired an impressive record of 8-1, placing them at the top of all the other NFL teams.

   Their one loss of the season was due to the Kansas City Chiefs’ strong defense. After this tough battle in the second week of the season, the Eagles have bounced back, each game coming out stronger and smarter than the last.

   It is hard for a team to be successful if they lack a reliable quarterback, luckily for the Eagles, Carson Wentz is even better than reliable.

  The recent 34-24 win over the Redskins was due to Wentz’s strength under pressure. Wentz showed his mobility and comfort in and outside the pocket throughout the game. His fourth touchdown pass of the day was made possible due to the escape of a near third-down sack just several plays before. Wentz finished the game 17-of-25 passing for 268 yards. His teammates are not surprised by his clutch performance, instead it is becoming more common than not.

   The multitude of outlets Wentz’s teammates provide him with is what makes his offense so intimidating. Four different runners touch the ball almost every game, making the Eagles a tough team to defend. After the offense files off the field, the Eagles send out a dependable defense team. Timmy Jerigan, Fletcher Cox, and Derek Barnett supply relentless pressure on their opponent’s offense.

   Although the Eagles have a long way to go before playoffs, the team is on the right track. It has been several years since the Eagles have made a run in the playoffs, however, the 2017 season holds promise for a change in history for the Philadelphia Eagles.