PC’s Talented Adam Hanna Draws Crowd to the Alchemy

by The Cowl Editor on November 16, 2017

Arts & Entertainment

Adam Hanna ’18 performing at The Alchemy on Nov. 10.
Photo courtesy of Adam Hanna ’18

by Joe Clancy ’18

A&E Staff

Last Thursday, Providence College musician Adam Hanna ’18 sold out his live concert at The Alchemy. A massive crowd of more than 350 fans turned out for the singer-songwriter.

The crowd was electric as they sang along and heard their fellow Friar perform their favorite hits as well as  Hanna’s original work. Katie Sullivan ’18 said, “Adam put on a wonderful show as usual! The energy in the room was high and it was a great night with great music.” I recently sat back down with Hanna to discuss this rockin’ performance.

JC: So, Adam, first and foremost, what were you feeling when you got up on a soldout stage?

AH: It was an amazing feeling, you know. Obviously I am always a little nervous before I go up there, but it’s not a nervous like, “I am scared I won’t do well.” It’s more like a “get me up there” kind of feeling. Once I am up there I give it my 110 percent, you know. I mean, the set went for about an hour but it honestly felt like it was two minutes. This show was my first real big gig since May, so it felt great to be back up in front of a large crowd. Over the summer, I played about 60 to 70 smaller acoustic sets around Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Those sets really helped me practice and gain experience. I have the Bill Belichick mindset that after I finish a set it’s on to the next one. Thursday was by far my best live performance as all the practice paid off. The set felt really good and natural; I know I am going to carry that momentum going forward. I am focused on always getting better.

JC: You have been singing and producing music for a while now. Are you starting to develop your own unique style?

AH: Definitely. Like I have said, Bruce Springsteen has always been a huge influence on me and my music. That being said, being up on stage is different. Springsteen always tries to get his audience to sing along and be engaged. I also really try and incorporate a Freddie Mercury energy on stage. When I am up there I want to be energized and amped up. I want the crowd to feel that too; the best feeling is actually when I can step away from the mic and hear the crowd sing along. It’s really amazing knowing that I managed to get all of these people who may not even know each other singing along, not having to be worried with what is going on in their lives for a few minutes. They are the reason I am up there. I can always go and play some music and no one has to listen; they come out because they know it will be a good time.

JC: What does the future hold?

AH: I will be playing the MET in Providence on Friday, December 1. I hope the turnout will be even bigger than it was last time!