December Magic

by The Cowl Editor on December 8, 2017


house in the snow lit up by Christmas lights
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by Sam Pellman ’20

One day it was August and the next it was December
This magical month seems to come when everyone needs it most.

December is truly magical, anything can happen.
It can be warm one day and snowing a white wonderland the next.

It’s the month that starts out stressful, but quickly brings peace.
The family all finally has an excuse to reunite and relax together, even just for a little.

Not only does December contain the excitement of Christmas
It gives us a time to reflect.

To reminisce on the good and bad times of the year;
It’s true when they say the best is saved for last

The close of December brings the close of the year
A whole chapter in life is ending, but ending in magic and never anything tragic.

December is full of surprises
Who says the end of the year can’t be the start of your new beginning?

Just as it snuck its way into our lives, it’ll be over just as quickly
So make sure you grab hold of December and let it sprinkle a little magic into your life before it’s too late.