The Cowl’s Holiday Bucket List

by The Cowl Editor on December 8, 2017


Buddy from the movie Elf sits at a tiny desk in a schoolroom with other elves
Photo Courtesy of New Line Cinema
  • Get a tan
  • Eat more than I did on Thanksgiving
  • Get my “merry” on
  • Pass finals
  • Play (and probably lose) a drinking game with my aunt
  • Get drunk off of virgin eggnog
  • Actually enjoy my family
  • To not talk politics at the dinner table
  • Avoid the physical labor of outdoor decorating
  • Read Joe Biden’s book
  • Make one last snowman before #GlobalWarming
  • Watch every Hallmark Christmas movie ever
  • Memorize all the lines from Elf
  • Eat a roll of Toll House cookie dough as fast as I possibly can
  • Snuggle with some cats
  • Get my sister/mother a gift she’ll actually like
  • Get Trump off Twitter
  • Have money in my account after all this is over