A Little Taste of Providence

by The Cowl Editor on December 9, 2017

Arts & Entertainment

PC students enjoyed a variety of foods from across the Providence area, including LaSalle Bakery and Caserta’s Pizzeria.
Photo courtesy of Brianna Coletti ’21/The Cowl

by Joe Clancy ’18

A&E Staff

It is often said that the best things in life are free, especially if you are a college student. Last Thursday, BOP brought a little bit of joy to campus by featuring an array of free food samples from staples of Providence’s food scene.

The event provided a nice break from the stress of classes winding down and finals starting to set in. Some of the samples included more well known places among Providence College students such as Anthony’s Deli, LaSalle Bakery, Caserta’s Pizzeria, and even samples from restaurants that PC students may not have been aware like: East Side Pockets, The Malted Barley,  Knead Doughnuts, and Rebelle Artisan Bagels.

The event started at 5:30 p.m. and the excitement and anticipation for the event among the students was overwhelming seeing how fast the food went. An unfamilar bagel place, Rebelle Artisan Bagels recieved positive feedback on their bagels. Students who attended the event claimed the bagels were warm, freshly made, and tasty…as much as a bagel can be.

Caitlin Scuderi ‘18 expressed enthusiasm when asked about the event saying, “I was really happy when I heard that there was free food. I love eating, you may say I live to eat, so it was a nice break from all the studying to do what I do best. Personally, I loved the free Caserta’s Pizzeria, “I am what you call a pizza junkie. It was my first time having Caserta’s Pizza since I usually get someone to buy me cheap pizza, so it was a really nice change of pace to try something new.”

The BOP members that were  involved in planning the event were thrilled with the outcome. Alana Dermody ’18 recalled that it was a fun time for all those involved and for her as well as the rest of the BOP members. Emily Borrello ’19 also commented on the event stating that she was “pleasantly surprised at how fast the food went.” All in all, BOP helped take the minds of worried students off school for a while with some much needed free food.