Editor vs. Editor: Which On-Campus Board of Programmers Event is the Best?

by Kerry Torpey on February 8, 2018

Arts & Entertainment

A member of Providence College's BOP serves food from Haven Brothers at Clam Jam.
Laura Chadbourne ’20/The Cowl

by Kerry Torpey ’20

A&E Co-Editor

As the weather gets warmer and students flock to Slavin Lawn for some time in the sun, Providence College’s Board of Programmers gears up to host their best event of the spring semester: Clam Jam. From food trucks to a 35-foot slide, Clam Jam has carnival games, live music, and so much more.

One thing that makes this event unique from other BOP events is definitely the food. Food trucks like Haven Brothers and Friskier Fries come together to keep Friartown satisfied with their signature subs and fries. Carnival favorites like cotton candy and kettle corn can be seen everywhere as students eat BBQ and delicious food from Rick’s Roadhouse.

There are plenty of fun games and activities that keep students laughing for hours. Last year, a fan favorite was the water gun game in which students shot water at a target to get a mini race car to move; the first person to get the car to the end got a prize. Other games like balloon darts, ski ball, and basketball are sure to keep you entertained.

For those who enjoy getting creative, Clam Jam has henna tattoo artists, sidewalk chalk, and necklace making. Students can be seen proudly showing off their DIY creations to their friends as they listen to live music.

For anyone who is 21+, the beer garden offers a variety of wines, beers, and other alcoholic refreshments. In 2017, customers enjoyed a bargain with $2 Bud Lights.

Last year, the grand prize of PC’s The Voice competition was a set at Clam Jam. With the voices of our fellow Friars as the soundtrack of the event, Clam Jam proves itself to be not only the ultimate grand prize for The Voice winners, but also the best BOP event on campus.


A graphic design promoting Providence College's The Voice competition

by Abigail Czerniecki ’19

A&E Co-Editor

Each year Providence College’s Board of Programmers hosts its own version of The Voice. The judges may not be as pretty as Adam Levine or as funky as Miley Cyrus, but the talent of these PC students can surely match up to the talent on the show.

Held in McPhail’s, this BOP event keeps its crowd entertained with the “humor” of Rev. Dominic Verner, O.P., and the judge’s reaction to the contestants once they turn around for the final reveal. And once all contestants have gone, the judges tally up their scores to identify the third, second, and first place winners.

The fun does not stop there; food is served from various places such as Big Tony’s and Anthony’s Deli at intermission to keep the crowd happy and the contestant’s bellies full.

This past weekend, BOP hosted their second PC’s The Voice and one thing is for sure: PC students can sing. Students can choose a song of their liking in hopes of demonstrating their skill to the judges. Some songs that were sung this past weekend were Rihanna’s “Murderer,” Khalid’s “Location,” and Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” I swear Adele could have been the one signing on stage.

Beautiful sounds coming from beautiful people are what make PC’s The Voice special. It is a night that brings the student body together to recognize and appreciate the strong talent that PC has on campus.

The event is a wonderful way to encourage students to share their talent with others and to have some fun on a Friday night after a long week. Be sure to catch the next PC’s The Voice on Friday, February 9. Who knows, you may even listen to the next Adele.