Meet Your Spring Concert: Galantis

by Kerry Torpey on February 8, 2018

Arts & Entertainment

Galantis duo, Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw, preform at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida.
Photo courtesy of Drew Ressler/

by Blaine Payer ’18

A&E Staff

Word of Swedish-based EDM duo Galantis taking the stage for the upcoming Spring Concert is spreading through campus like peanut butter jelly, and the students could not be more excited.

The Board of Programmers (BOP) announced the decision to invite Galantis following the two previous years’ theme of transforming the Spring Concert into a massive dance party. If Galantis puts on a show half as fun and energetic as Rae Sremmurd did last year, then this year is sure to be a Spring Concert that will not soon be forgotten.

Cashing in on the ever-growing EDM scene in Europe, the duo, consisting of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw, have been climbing the ladder of fame since their 2015 album Pharmacy. Presenting a new take on EDM music, Galantis focuses more on the musicality of their songs and tries to break the tired mold of never-ending dance loops that so many popular electronic dance artists display today.

After gaining international fame with songs like “Runaway” and “Peanut Butter Jelly,” Galantis started touring the world and have since established themselves as top-tier EDM artists. “Our goal when we started planning was to have a fun, positive, and energetic concert that would exceed expectations, and I think this act can deliver all that and more,” says BOP entertainment committee chair Ryan McSweeney ’18. “What’s unique about their act is that no one can resist dancing to their music.”

Other students have been quick to respond to the inevitable dance party as well. Gabriella Reimer ’18 remarked that “it’s the perfect choice for PC,” citing the popularity of EDM music and the fun vibe it sets as validation. Even a casual listener cannot help but tap a foot when “Peanut Butter Jelly” comes on, never mind hearing it in a concert venue filled with all of your friends.

Alex Pollan ’18 displayed similar excitement. “I’ve known about Galantis for years now,” he told The Cowl, “So I was really excited to find out that they will be coming here.” Galantis is not PC’s first A-list performer, either. Panic! At the Disco set a high bar back in 2015, a bar that only seemed to get higher with the Chainsmokers and Rae Sremmurd occupying the last two Spring Concert main stages.

Tickets will be going on sale soon, and if any of the last three years are indicators, it would behoove one to buy them as soon as they go on sale, for the limited supply goes fast. In the meantime, everyone should bust out their dancing shoes, start to stretch, and “visualize it,” because Galantis is ‘ace high and going all in’ just for us, and they are  sure to bring the party with them.