PCI: Hockey is the Best Intramural Sport

by The Cowl Editor on February 8, 2018


by Jeremy Perrigo ’18

Sports Staff

providence college schneider arena ice hockey
Photo Courtesy of PC Athletics

Providence College has a host of intramural sports for students to play all year-long, no matter the season. Those sports include ping-pong, five-on-five basketball, water polo, and ultimate frisbee to name a few. However, one intramural sport stands out among the rest: intramural hockey.

 If you have been looking for a place to show up your buddies with some sweet dangles, look no further.

Maybe you dabbled in junior hockey, or simply got by as an Average Joe on your high school team. It could be that you just decided to strap on a pair of skates last week thinking to yourself “Hockey looks easy, let me give it a shot.” Sign up, there is a place for you.

Over the span of four to five games, PC’s finest are given the opportunity to blur the line between the glory days and men’s league as they compete against fellow classmates (both male and female) for the chance to win a coveted intramural T-shirt.

Whistles are blown infrequently, giving players the ability to expand their creativity, or simply realize that they should probably go to the gym one or two more times a week to work on cardio.

Goaltenders, be ready to face a barrage of shots, as offense is prioritized over defense. This means lots of two-on-ones, three-on-ones, and straight up breakaways.

There are few feelings as satisfying as gliding over a freshly resurfaced sheet of ice in Schneider Arena. As you float seamlessly over the reflective surface, you begin to imagine thousands of fans roaring your name from the stands as you cut through opposing players from one end to the other, all while doing your best impression of Bobby Orr.

Playing intramural hockey at PC means getting a glimpse into the exhilarating life of a perennial NCAA Championship men’s hockey team which won it all back in 2015.

You may not have what it takes to dangle, snipe, and celly with the best of them. You might not even be one of the top three fastest players on your team. But those 40 minutes of running clock tick by ever so slowly when you find yourself alone on a breakaway with a goaltender you know has been giving you an earful all night long. You are living in the moment.

In short, it is a great idea to be a well-rounded athlete that finds enjoyment in a variety of different sports and athletic activities. Just do not pass on the opportunity to lace up a pair of skates with a few of your closest puck junkies. Be sure to participate in PC’s intramural hockey league.