by The Cowl Editor on February 8, 2018


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by Jessica Polanco ’20


Twelve years later I still remember the first day we met. Starting that day, there were no battles I had to face alone ever again, no laughter not shared and no tears not collected and restored with faith and hope.

Since then, because of you, my days always had a bright star illuminating every experience and even though there were times when it rained and poured, under the sun, there were you with an umbrella dodging every drop. Your loyalty has shielded our friendship and my heart to make me feel like I’m not alone in this world.

12 years later I’ve grown to love everything about who you are. Two persons who are completely different are bound to learn how to love a garden that’s constantly growing with beautiful different flowers we never thought we’d lay eyes on. When the seasons were never in our favor and our skies were black and white, you lent me your stem to lean on and after a long day, it was surprisingly all my heart needed.

In the next 12 years, may the storms hydrate our flowers and our loyalty give strength to our friendship.

Aunque hamos pasado tormentas y hamos sentido que la conexión se has rodado en un hilito, eres un regalo del cielo y le doy la gracias al Mas Alto por esta amistad. Por ti has sentido un amor que le das alas a mi corazón cada mañana.

Although we’ve experienced storms, and we’ve felt that the connection has been dragged on a string, you are a gift from heaven and I thank the Most High for this friendship. Because of you, I have felt a love that gives wings to my heart every morning.

—For Ashley Alvarez